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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Best Natural Foods For Your Buck

Happy Tuesday Savvy Shoppers!

Today it's official, the kids of our area are out of school for Summer. I've talked to a lot of parents lately who are feeling the pinch of keeping within a grocery budget. The kiddoes being home presents more challenge in that area as all our grocery budgets are bound to go up during the Summer. I have a growing 9 year old who seems to always be hungry so I feel your pain!

In general, I know many express how the grocery budget just doesn't go as far as it used to. Those dealing with the current employment crisis finds many families trying to make a grocery budget work on one income whereas they used to have no problem making it work on two.

Just keeping up with the costs of feeding a family is hard enough in today's times. But how do you do it AND eat healthy?

While these are probably all ones we know, this slideshow provided by All You Magazine is a quick read and sure to help you find healthy foods that make sense within the family grocery budget too!

So here it is Savvy Shoppers! Enjoy!

The 10 best natural foods for your buck

Plan your menus around healthy, nutrient-packed staples that won’t give you sticker shock at the checkout.

Eat healthy on the cheap.

Make the most of your grocery budget by stocking up on these versatile natural foods that are good for your health and wallet.

View it online here:

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