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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Come Join Us At Miracle Momas Blog Party!

This is going to be some fun and hope you will join us! There is still time to get involved in the upcoming Miracle Momas Blog Party!

The more, the merrier! It's a fun way to gain followers, exposure for our blogs and support our fellow bloggers. Lots of great categories represented too!

How will this Blog Party work?

You can find out all the details by visiting the
Miracle Momas Blog Party post.

Everyone that wishes to participate should follow these instructions:

You write a post about the party on your blog on June 24th. You can grab the button from the Blog Party post and include it as I have above. Please be sure to link back to the post on the Miracle Momas blog about the Blog Party.

Then you link your blog up to the Blog Party right on the page about it and link back to your blog and post about the party. It's not hard and it's going to be lots of fun!

Starting on June 25th you can start visiting the blogs and leaving comments.
The Blog Party is June 25th and 26th.

There are also some prizes to be won during the Blog Party. In order to be eligable to win prizes, you must visit at least 5 blogs. You will need to leave a comment on each blog and follow them if they have a follow widget. Keep track of the blogs you visit because you will return to the Miracle Momas Blog and leave ONE comment with a list of the blogs you followed.

Then visit the Party Prize Page and pick the top 3 prizes you would like win and leave a comment telling us what they are. All prizes are numbered and tell how many winners there are.

Come join in the fun and hope to see you and your blog there!

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