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Friday, June 11, 2010

When To Go Generic and When To Pay A Little More

When I shop, I often try the generic brands and in many cases they are every bit as good (or better) than their name brand counterparts. You can always compare label to label and often times be amazed how very similar or exact the two are, excepting of course for the name brand and pricing.

Here's a very interesting article from Yahoo Finance courtesy of US NEWS that weighs in on when it's better to buy generics and when name brands are the better choice:

When to Go Generic - and When to Pay More

Generic brands suffer from a stigma. People tend to think those cheaper versions of name-brand products are of lower quality. But for many products, that's not true, and you're better off saving money and buying generic. In other cases, though, there really is a quality difference, and it's worth paying a little more.

In college, when my former classmates and I needed to spend as little as possible, some of us opted for "No Frills" cola, a cheap knock-off of the more popular brand-name soda drinks. This was a pathway to store-brand cola drinks, an acceptable substitute for me as an adult. I've since left behind soda in favor of water, but I still shop store brands for some items while finding satisfaction with only name brands for others.

Read on and find out what they say about generic brands here at Yahoo Finance:


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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Oddly enough too, a lot of "generic" items are made by companies that produce name brand items.

    Thanks for sharing the article,