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Friday, October 1, 2010

Earn Cash Back Rebates For Online Shopping

Happy Fall! October 1st began as a beautiful morning here in Southwest Florida. I really enjoyed the morning as it was almost crisp compared to the heat we've been experiencing. We are looking forward to some cooler temps after a very hot Summer.

While I have been away from blogging in awhile, things here are back in full swing and I wanted to share some really great links with you where you can earn CASH BACK REBATES for your online shopping.

This is a great concept. I have been doing this for a few years and it's amazing how much you can save and earn from these great programs. With the Holidays coming and economic times having more feel the pinch, it's a great time to jump into some of these and cash in.

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Now this is a remarkable concept! And this Shopping Savvy Mama knows it works! I have cashed in on numerous rebates over the past few years and saved hundreds of dollars for online shopping I already do. It's simple, easy to start and why not put that extra cash in your pockets? Here are some of the Best Of The Best Cash Back Rebate sites you can join for FREE. Some even offer additional incentives to join, coupons you can reference to save even more including sometimes even free shipping. You are going to love these:


Mr. Rebates offers 2,000+ online retailers and a $5 signup bonus just for starting your account. It pays your rebates right to your Paypal and I have cashed in several times with their service. Come check it out and join in the Cash Back by clicking HERE.

You can also find out all the details about this fabulous program at my Squidoo by clicking HERE


A funny name but works just the same. This is also a free to join program and you can design your own Monkey Jar Mall with your favorites on your homepage. What's neat about Monkey Jar is you build your own network, making it a great way to earn even more by referral-based marketing and promoting it to your circle of friends.

Join Monkey Jar and learn more by visiting my page HERE.

Learn more about Monkey Jar and get all the ins and outs of how it works at my Squidoo page by clicking HERE.


One of the oldest Cash Back Rebate programs in existence is the Ebates program. There are many benefits to joining it by itself or as a group of programs you might participate in to maximize your Cash Back.

One of the coolest things about Ebates is you can earn cash back on eBay purchases making it great for eBay enthusiasts.

Join the Ebates Program and find out more by clicking HERE.

Catch the overview of the program and get more details about Ebates at my Squidoo by visiting HERE.

While there are others out there, these are my Top 3 Picks for Cash Back Rebates. I find they offer the best percentages, the best exclusive coupons and benefits that make joining each of them worthwhile. Belonging to more than one has it's benefits from a shopping perspective and each has unique retailers or benefits that make them worth checking out.

If you will be doing some online shopping for the upcoming Holidays, here's a great way to save some extra money on those purchases.

Wishing you a great October 1st and will be back soon with more Shopping Savvy tips!

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