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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Save Money + Make Money With Cash Back Shopping Rebates

This is an awesome concept! You can get cash back rebates for your online shopping at thousands of retailers. Why? They want your business and participate in programs of this kind to get it.

What it means to you:

If you join one of these programs and shop through their website instead of going directly to the retailer's, you can take advantage of extra coupon savings. You can also still use any other coupon offers you find at websites like,, and similar sites. By shopping through the program instead of directly from the retailer, you can earn a cash back shopping rebate of 1-30% depending on the retailer. Why not take advantage of this?

If you know a lot of people, you can make money helping others save money by joining these programs and sharing them with others. I would love to have you join me in spreading the word about these great programs because in today's times, everyone is concerned about stretching the holiday gift-giving budget. So if you do any type of business online or social network a lot, you are offering something of value to people you know and they will appreciate it.

I published an article online yesterday about how you can make money helping others save money during the Holiday season. It explains how it works, why it's worth sharing with others, how it can add additional income for you and how you might share this with others.

Check it out HERE.

Included in the article is a list of programs that offer cash back rebates that I recommend. They have been around for awhile, have a history of paying their cash back rebates (some even by Paypal) and are worth taking a look at. You will want to read all program details to see which offers benefit you the most. I participate in several because each offers different stores and/or benefits. For example, Ebates allows you to earn 2-6% on your eBay purchases which I love because I do shop on eBay. The extra step is worth it.

You can learn more about this great concept, how it can help you and others and why it's worth taking advantage of and sharing. Please give me a shout if you have any questions as I'd be happy to help. Happy Shopping & Saving!

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  1. You can also try ShopAtHome, AAfter Search and Ebates, and MrRebates.