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Friday, August 26, 2011

Get Your Credit Score For Free With No Gimmicks, No Credit Card!

Just how important is it to know your credit score? It helps...especially when you are considering the major purchases in life like homes, cars or other financial decisions that can impact your finances in a larger way.

As a Realtor, I often work with first-time home buyers who do not know their credit score or are not so familiar with navigating the credit arena. Knowing your credit status helps you substantially when shopping for loans, financing and more.

Over the years I have seen many companies out there that claim to give you a free credit report or free credit score, only to find out once you arrive at their site that they want your credit card information to sell you something. Usually, it's a monthly subscription to a credit monitoring program or the like, which duplicates what many of us already have through credit card companies or financial institutions therefore making it an unnecessary expense.

Is there really a place where you can find out your current credit score, get updates, tips and pointers on helping to improve your credit score? How about a place where you can login anytime and not be charged or have some sales twist to them?

There REALLY IS such a place. I found it awhile back and have tested it out myself. There are no gimmicks, there is no credit card required! Remember, knowledge is power and will help you shop for the best interest rates and deals on those big purchases. This really works and I recommend it as I've tried it and shown it to many of my clients, who love it!

Check out Credit Karma by clicking the ad above and get started today!

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